Mike Green’s Two Critiques of Bitcoin

As a connoisseur of both sides of the decentralized coin I’ve paid attention to anyone who can make a good argument against crypto. Surface level sophists like Schiff and Krugman (The Internet’s effect on the economy is no greater than the fax machine’s) regurgitate boring talking points, however, there is much better critique out there […]

The NFT Revolution: More Than Meets the Eye

*I don’t own any NFTs nor do I have plans to buy into the market. Apart from a broader interest in the mass adoption of crypto, I have no fiscal stake in the non-fungible revolution. The right click and save meme is one of the most obvious critiques of NFTs. It’s just a JPG, skeptics claim… Why […]

A Prediction for How the Next Bitcoin Bull Market Could Play Out

I enjoy thinking about how the next Bitcoin bull market could play out. I do mean a Bitcoin bull market, not a crypto bull market. Moving on from the 2017 ICO craze I think the next bull market will be driven primarily by Bitcoin. Why think about a bull market now, don’t you know we’re […]

How Crypto is Solving the Onboarding Problem

Getting people into crypto is difficult… Start a conversation and you’ll hear that Bitcoin isn’t real money, it’s only good for tax evaders or my favorite: my friend’s brother’s cousin told me it’s a scam. It’s fascinating, the expanse of excuses people have for not embracing a paradigm changing technology. But forget them, what about […]

Why Bitcoin is a Water Lily

The water lily analogy has its stem in The Slight Edge, an excellent book I would recommend to anyone. The premise is that even a doubling of progress leads to only marginal improvements in the beginning. The water lily doubles its covering of a pond for many days in a row, and for many days in […]

Mercenaries vs. Missionaries

Credit where it’s due, the phrase “mercenaries vs. missionaries” comes from the formidable Ryan Selkis. Maybe he borrowed it from someone else, I can’t say. In any case, it’s a great way to express an idea that occurred to me a month or two ago. Let’s have a look. The Problem with Ripple Ripple (the […]

Two Long Term Investing Strategies for Bitcoin

Trading is flashy as hell but when you look at the numbers, the wealthiest financier on the planet is a value investor. Warren Buffets buys assets he believes to be under priced and he holds them for years or decades. This is how he grew Berkshire Hathaway into the powerhouse it now is. Interestingly, unlike […]

How to Not Get Hacked: The 80/20 Rule in Crypto

It’s been around for more than a hundred years, it’s the 80/20 rule. I’ll assume you’re familiar with it. If you’re not you don’t read enough. So how can we apply it to crypto? It’s simple, just do these two things and there’s an overwhelming chance you’ll never lose any of your coins. Even if […]

Two Unique Ways to Look at Bitcoin

You can think of Bitcoin as a currency, a way to pay for things, which it definitely is. But it’s more than that too. Bitcoin is the first digital creation that cannot be copied. Let that sink in. Until Bitcoin was invented even the best copyright protection software could be cracked. You can go, you could go, […]